Update from Colin Bucks, MD, associate director of SEMPER


I will try to get a quick update typed as we wait for a briefing from the Secretary of the Dept of Health (Philippines) and WHO officials. It might be very brief as I hear helicopter blades…

The team in Guiuan is wrapping up our stint here. Tomorrow we will transition in a much smaller group of replacement volunteers from Oregon. I think I can speak for the group in saying it has been a very busy but overwhelming stint. We have been caring for patients with a mixed range of acuity. There is still ongoing wound management from the typhoon. We see a consistent string of acute infections, but the majority of benefit we provide currently is supporting the daily flow of patients (increased about three fold from baseline) at the Regional Health Units (RHU). This has provided the local staff the opportunity to recover and re-group. The discussions regarding formally handing back all care to local staff are actively in process. After that, I see the main project is protecting against and monitoring clusters of disease outbreaks. Along this line, one of our nightly chores includes compiling surveillance statistics for the Department of Health.

Now the important officials have arrived so I should join the briefing.

We have definitely benefited from the outpouring of support, and think of our friends and families at Stanford often.

Folks are healthy, invigorated, and tired. Additionally, the team effort warms my heart daily.

All the best,

Colin Bucks


2 thoughts on “Update from Colin Bucks, MD, associate director of SEMPER

  1. Hello all, What a wonderful gift you have given, and continue to give, to the people affected by the Typhoon. Not just the injured, but all that cross your path. I am blessed to know you all. Take good care! See you when you get home. xxoo Deb Bone.

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