Rest & Rejuvenation Sunday December 1, 2013

Both teams had an opportunity for some rest and rejuvenation today.  After a morning of logistics work the Tacloban group was able to go into the city and enjoy a meal at one of the few establishments that has re-opened.  Team members also had a chance to connect to the internet for the first time in a week and speak to their loved ones.  We also received several updates from the team members in Guiuan.  Dr. Colin Bucks reported that construction, commerce and cleaning activities are increasing daily.  “We’ve gotten to provide valuable care.” Everyone is staying healthy, motived and strong  The Guiuan team (Racioppi, Bucks, Landon & Jordan) were able to join the UN staff for Thanksgiving and much like the Tacloban team are providing daily out reach clinics seeing 100-200 patients a day.  Tomorrow both teams will go back into the field for our final week of clinics before our travel home. 

A few thoughts from Dr. Ian Brown


Since arriving in Leyte we have spent much of our time in the most affected parts of the Philippines.  We are working in rural health clinics doing high volume high acuity primary care.  The people here are amazingly strong and have an inspiring sense of humor.  All in our group are feeling well and working hard treating over 4 hundred people a day (the Tacloban half of SEMPER).  I am very blessed to be working here. 


One thought on “Rest & Rejuvenation Sunday December 1, 2013

  1. Thank you Team SEMPER for helping my country. I, too am a nurse but could never do what you do. You are all heroes in my eyes.
    Again, a big THANK YOU to all of you.

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