2 thoughts on “A Day At Clinic

  1. Hi all,
    Good hear from you with some current updates. Having done Disaster relief in both Haiti and Hurricane Katrina, I can imagine the clinics, the available supplies, the thousands of people you are One little trick that I have been using for a few years after a tip from Dr. Sinatra is to remove one of my shoes when flying and put my foot on the metal support frame on the seat in front of me. Doing this will ground you to the airplane frame and help mitigate damage from radiation at 35,000 feet. In fact, as I write this I am at 35,000 feet with my foot on the airplane frame. Simple and doesn’t cost anything and if it doesn’t work (which I doubt) there is no harm done. So it passes my criteria of inexpensive non-harmful tips that you can use to take control of your health.helping and the amazing folks you are meeting every day. Folks like yourselves…..giving so freely of your talents, your gifts. Keep it up!!! We back home are supporting you!!!

    Deb Bone

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