SEMPER Arrives in Cebu

After a total of 16 hours in the air SEMPER arrived in Cebu City, Philippines.   We have been warmly greeting starting at SFO with incredible support from Korean Air helping to get all of our extra equipment on the plane.  Each team member is traveling with an average of 160 lbs of equipment.  We were escorted as a team through custom’s & immigrations at Cebu International Airport then greeted by a representative from the International Medical Corp (IMC).  It’s currently 1:00 AM in the Philippines the team is getting settled into a hotel tonight hosted by IMC.  The current plan is to be transported by military aircraft to Tacloban on Monday morning. 

Joselinda Landon RN, shared with the team her thoughts about responding to a disaster in her home country and how anxious and nervous she was when we landed in Cebu.  Not knowing what the city was going to look like after the storm she was relieved to see clear signs of recovery taking place.  Tomorrow during our down time Joselinda will have a chance to reconnect with her family before our departure to Tacloban.

One thought on “SEMPER Arrives in Cebu

  1. Best wishes from Deb Updegraff for the entire Semper team that includes our devoted staff from our Stanford ED. Shout out to Dr. Gabiola! Hope those stickers and stuffed animals find the children that so need them!

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